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Three of us took it at different doses, for me about 2-3 grams. We felt nothing substantial for about two hours. Then all of the sudden they kicked in at the same time for all of us. I sat at the fire, meditated and saw spirals of light down a spherical path going to what looked like the source of the universe. I felt one with everything and feel a lot less afraid of death. It was scary but humbling. I've never had these type of visuals on any other pills.

Jim Doe

I found these particular pills to be strongly introspective, with a reasonable amount of euphoria. Also, could somehow not tell a lie while taking them, haha

Stefanie Willson

I found them to be sufficiently potent. Performed well. Arrived quick and well packaged. These guys are the real deal.

Martha Stew

Best pills I've had in a very long time, enjoyed the come up, high and and come down. Also very long lasting. I use them for indoor music videos and video games!

Peneloper Smith